SGM India

PVDC Triplex Films

We offer PVC/PE/PVDC Triplex Films for pharmaceutical blister packaging application involving deep and large cavity blister packs. PVDC coating improves the barrier properties of the film. These films are suitable for packing of hygroscopic/moisture sensitive products.


We can offer PVC/PE/PVDC structures as per customer’s requirements. 


Commonly supplied structures are :

  • PVC/PE/PVDC - 200/25/40
  • PVC/PE/PVDC - 200/25/60
  • PVC/PE/PVDC - 200/25/90
  • PVC/PE/PVDC - 250/25/40
  • PVC/PE/PVDC - 250/25/60
  • PVC/PE/PVDC - 250/25/90


These films are available in Glass Clear or any standard colour (transparent or opaque).


Detailed Technical Data Sheet is available on request.