SGM India

PVDC Coated PVC Film

We offer wide range of PVDC coated PVC Films for Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging. PVDC coating provides moisture and oxygen barrier depending on grammage of PVDC coating. PVDC coated Films are suitable for packing of hygroscopic/ moisture sensitive products. We can offer PVDC coating thickness range from 40 gsm to 120 gsm, depending on customer’s product requirement. 


Commonly used specifications are :

  • 250 micron PVC film / 40 gsm PVDC coating
  • 250 micron PVC film / 60 gsm PVDC coating
  • 250 micron PVC film / 90 gsm PVDC coating
  • 300 micron PVC film / 60 gsm PVDC coating
  • 300 micron PVC film / 90 gsm PVDC coating.


These PVDC films are suitable for medium to high speed blister packaging machines. They work well on both flat bed and rotary blister packing lines.


Base PVC films are either Glass Clear or Coloured (transparent /opaque) depending on customer’s requirements.


These films comply with European Pharmacopeia and with the directive 2002/72/EC and amendments in their current version. Also comply with US code for Federal Regulations CFR21 and with the US Pharmacopeia where applicable. 


Detailed Technical Data Sheet is available on request.