SGM India

Aluminium LDPE Strip Packing Foil

We offer Aluminium-LDPE Strip Packing Foil for pharmaceutical packing application. In case of aluminium strip foil, LDPE layer is sealed with LDPE layer and foil is visible from both sides. 


Aluminium strip foil is made of 30 or 45 micron (+/-8%) soft aluminium foil in alloy AA1200/AA8011/AA1235. This foil is with one side dull and other side bright. One side of the foil is laminated 30 to 40 micron LDPE and other side is either printed or made suitable for printing.


We offer printed strip foil with surface printing upto 5 colours  and with print protective overcoat. 


The commonly supplied structures are :

  • 30 micron foil /30 micron LDPE
  • 30 micron foil / 37.5 micron LDPE
  • 40 micron foil / 37.5 micron LDPE
  • 40 micron foil / 45 micron LDPE


We also offer various Aluminium Foil and LDPE thickness as per customer’s requirement.


In all above cases, LDPE is either laminated with foil or LDPE is directly extruded on foil surface, depending on customer’s requirement.


Detailed Technical Data Sheet is available on request.