SGM India

Alu Alu Cold Forming Base Foil

We offer Alu-Alu Cold Forming Base Foil for pharmaceutical blister packing. It is suitable for all kinds of flat bed blister packing machines. We offer unprinted as well as printed cold forming foil.

Foil is either surface printed on OPA side or reverse rotogravure printing is done on OPA film prior to lamination with aluminium foil. In case customer wish to print alu alu cold forming foil at their end, then it needs to be coated with print primer according to printing method (rotogravure or flexo).


We offer wide range of structures of alu-alu cold forming base foil, as recommended by customer or their machine supplier. The commonly used standard structures are as follows : 

  • 25 micron OPA film / 45 micron aluminium foil / 60 micron rigid PVC film 
  • 25 micron OPA film / 50 micron aluminium foil / 60 micron rigid PVC film 
  • 25 micron OPA film / 60 micron aluminium foil / 60 micron rigid PVC film.


In case of these structures OPA side of the laminate is wound outside in reel form and PVC side inside. PVC side of this laminate is sealed with aluminium blister lidding foil. In case customer needs inverse winding, then same can also be offered on specific request.


All raw materials comply with requirement of CFR 21, 175.300 with direct contact to foodstuffs (indirect food additive) and thus to the basic requirements of FDA.


Detailed Technical Data Sheet is available on request.